QAgg Local Aggregator Last Updated: 11/30/2022
The files on this page when downloaded and unzipped into a single directory create a "local" version of QAgg (minus some functionality). You can put these files in a directory on your Windows, MacOS or Linux machine and use them as you would the regular QAgg website. All these files will fit on a 2GB Thumb/USB drive so you can also carry them around with you. Should Q start posting again this page will be updated with a new file to download along with any new images. Major features not supported locally (yet): {clock} and other bracket searches (TIME searches do work) No Sets No Abbreviations Some sort options Simple install 1. Download all files into a single folder/directory. 2. Unzip in place. 3. Ctrl-O in a browser, navigate to folder where files are unzipped - open index.html.
QAgg Local Master Zip File: (5MB) Updated Q Drop data file (download to same directory as local QAgg zip - will be updated soon after new drops arrive): qpostslocal.js (11MB) Single large zip: (800MB) Single large zip including twitter screen captures: (2.5GB) Images in a zipped set (must download all files) (188MB) multiimages.z01 (314MB) multiimages.z02 (314MB) Images in a zipped set including Twitter screen captures (must download all files): (308MB) fullmultiimages.z01 (314MB) fullmultiimages.z02 (314MB) fullmultiimages.z03 (314MB) fullmultiimages.z04 (314MB) fullmultiimages.z05 (314MB) fullmultiimages.z06 (314MB) fullmultiimages.z07 (314MB) Additional file that creates an "image index": - unzip in the qdrops directory to get a view with links of each image and each drop. (700k)