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Anonymous 06/22/2020 21:40:06 ID:35b0e9
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>Digital warriors ready.

EXTREMELY Damaging piece on (D)s nursing home deaths!

Exclusive — Seema Verma: Cuomo, Other Democrat Governors’ Coronavirus Nursing Home Policies Contradicted Federal Guidance

Use 'topic' as target practice.
Test your strengths.
Know your weaknesses.
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 06/21/2020 13:52:30 ID: 5c5e4c
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Image Name: Ea_fxy2WkAArFk2.jpg
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Focus @: 21:45
Can you see and understand their attempts to slow-stop accountability?
Who benefits the most?
COVID-2 [C]: Lockdown(s)
Lockdown(s) +C: POTUS economic gains wiped
Lockdown(s) +C: POTUS unemployment gains wiped
Lockdown(s) +C: POTUS rally hold [prevent gathering_dim energy]
Lockdown(s) +C: Close churche(s) _other person-to-person [keep in isolation _dim energy _fear no hope]
Lockdown(s) +C: Inc death toll _[D] mayor(s)/gov(s) push COVID positive seniors to hot zone(s) [senior (home) care facilities] _retain FEAR & lockdown (isolate _control) _combine pneumonia influenza death count w/ COVID [inc death toll]
Lockdown(s) +C: BIDEN hideaway prevent 'self-embarrassment'
Lockdown(s) +C: [D] state mail-in-ballot doorstep flood
Lockdown(s) +C: Build public unrest _[future BLM (4)-year push]
Lockdown(s) +C: Release unrest [BLM (4)-year push] within closed [D] controlled cities & dedicated safe zone(s) [mayor-gov coordinated (guarantee) release of those arrested]
BLM (4)-year push: BIDEN negative news ELIM re: UKRAINE-CHINA family bribes and corruption
BLM (4)-year push: BIDEN negative news ELIM re: SEXUAL ASSAULT CLAIM re: Tara Reade [preserve #MeToo future [R] attack]
BLM (4)-year push: Insert ANTIFA [D][F] pocket-controlled [D] safe zone(s) _Country on fire (real) _MSDNC _peaceful protests (fake) _bait POTUS use of GI MIL [civ untrained] capture 'money shot' [shooting of 'peaceful protestor'][breach of WH perimeter][takeover central location][attempt WH breach safety-security POTUS][current-former MIL public statement(s) _POTUS unconstitutional framework MIL takeover if exercised [loyalists prevent]]
BLM (4)-year push: C wave2 opportunity card [D] mayor(s)/gov(s) impose new restrictions if needed _retain narrative mail-in-vote(ing) needed safety security _limit economic / unemployment recovery (slow)
Added: Barr _today
Lockdown(s) +C: Halt use of grand jury[ies] due to 'close proximity' _COVID mandated restrictions throughout all cities
Lockdown(s) +C: Halt travel of called witnesses re: pending investigation [Durham (known)] _legal out deployed by witness "I do not feel comfortable and/or safe traveling due to COVID-19 health concerns."
[Driver: Baseline: MSDNC coordinated narrative con]
Apply logic and common sense:
1. What are they trying to prevent?
2. Who benefits the most?
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